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Public Properties & Recreation Commission

The Commission shall consist of 7 Commissioners. Commissioners shall be appointed by the President of the Village with the advice and consent of the Board of Trustees. All Commissioners shall be residents of the village and shall meet all qualifications for appointive office as established by the Illinois Municipal Code. Commissioners shall serve without compensation.

Terms of Commissioners

Four Commissioners shall be appointed to serve a two-year term, with the first terms ending April 30, 2019 and three Commissioners shall be appointed to serve a four-year term, with the first terms ending April 30, 2021. All Commissioners are subject to appointment and shall otherwise continue to serve until a successor is appointed and qualified to serve. Members of the Commission may be removed by the President, subject to reinstatement by the Board of Trustees, as in the case of other village officers. Any member who is absent for two consecutive meetings without informing the Chairperson without a good and sufficient reason shall be deemed to have requested removal by the Village President. Notification of such absence shall be given to the Chairperson of the Commission. The President of the Village and a person representing the Ball-Chatham School District shall be ex-officio, nonvoting members of the Commission.

Meetings and Officers

The Village President shall appoint one of the members of the Commission as its Chairman with the advice and consent of the Board of Trustees. The Commission may select any other officers as it deems advisable from its own members. The initial officers shall serve until April 30, 2019. All subsequent officers shall serve for two years. The initial selection of officers shall be heard at the first meeting of the newly constituted Commission, with subsequent elections being held on the first meeting date following April 30 of the odd number years. Four members of the Commission shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of all business of the Commission. The Commission shall meet at least once a month.  Meetings shall be scheduled on a regular basis; special meetings may be called by the Chairperson. Notices of meetings shall be given and meetings shall be conducted in accordance with the Open Meetings Act.  Records of the Commission are subject in all respects to the Freedom of Information Act.

Duties and Functions


  • The Commission shall have, exercise and perform the following powers, duties and functions:
  • Create subcommittees including four subcommittees entitled Long and Short Term Planning, Policy and Procedures, Fundraising and Organizing Volunteers. The Commission may create any other ad-hoc committees as it deems necessary.
  • Promote, encourage and guide the development of Village recreation programs and services.
  • Solicit and obtain funds, services and real and personal property for purposes related to the goals and purpose of the Commission from individuals, organizations, municipal corporations and any other source permitted by law.  All funds and real and personal property solicited or received by the Commission shall be received in the name of the Village. Funds received by the Commission shall be delivered to the Village Treasurer and accounted for by the Treasurer in accordance with normal Village practices.
  • Coordinate with the Parks Supervisor volunteer activities and coordinate volunteer days to help maintain and improve park properties.
  • Review the annual Chatham Summer Recreation Program and provide comments. The Commission may also be asked to assist in the activities or help provide volunteers for the Chatham Summer Recreation Program.
  • Provide policy guidance and program recommendations to the Village Board.
  • Prepare minutes of its meetings and prepare an annual report to the Village Board not later than April 1st of each year.
  • Adopt by-laws governing the organization and the exercise of the powers herein given to it and the performance of the duties and functions imposed on it by this Ordinance; provided, that such by-laws shall not be in conflict with any of the provisions of this Ordinance and shall be subject to approval by the Village Board prior to adoption by the Commission.

Board Member Replacements.

          If you are interested in serving on the Public Properties & Recreation Commission please send a resume or a bio to

          Scott Curtis (2019-2023)                                                   317 Winter Park                 Chatham, IL

          Paul Marconi (2019-2023)                                                336 Willow Glen Way        Chatham, IL

          Lisa Smith (2019-2023)                                                    2200 Halifax Dr                  Chatham, IL

          Rollo Saucier, Chairman (2021-2024)                              1 Bittersweet Ridge            Chatham, IL

          Peggy Windisch (2021-2024)                                            1408 Ptarmigan Dr             Chatham, IL

          Craig Olson (2019-2023)                                                  236 Manor Hill Dr              Chatham, IL

          Carl Try (2022-2023)                                                        338 Winter Park Dr             Chatham, IL