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2023-05-03 Village of Chatham Stormwater Survey

The Village of Chatham Stormwater Survey Thank you for taking the time to respond to the Village of Chatham Stormwater Survey! This survey will...

2023-05-01 Sheltering

CIVIC Ready. Be sure to stay safe and informed by receiving notifications and alerts from the  Village of Chatham. Formerly eLerts, our new system...

2023-04-24 Emergency Preparedness Bulletin – Family Emergency Communications Plan

Welcome to our third Emergency Preparedness Bulleting. Our first two bulletins discussed Emergency Alerts and Warnings and having an Emergency Supply...

2023-04-17 Emergency Preparedness Bulletin – Emergency Supply Kit

Last week, we started our series of Emergency Preparedness Bulletins by discussing Emergency Alerts and Warnings, to include what they are and how...

2023-04-10 Emergency Preparedness Planning

“As Spring time is upon us, so too comes the possibility for severe weather events. Emergency Preparedness refers to the steps you take to make sure...

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Illinois Municipal Electric Agency Links

Applications and Information about the IMEA Electric Efficiency Program for FY2021-22 (May 1, 2021 - April 20, 2022) Click on the link below to...

2022-04-06 The 2041 Village of Chatham Comprehensive Plan.

A copy of the 2041 Village of Chatham Comprehensive Plan can be found HERE.