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Electric Efficiency Program

Home Energy

Applications and Information about the IMEA Electric Efficiency Program

Click on the link below to access the applications for incentives for electric efficiency projects in IMEA member cities which Chatham is a member.

Home Energy Calculator:

Learn More About Your Home's Energy Use!  View useful details about your estimated usage, sasonal factors, and cost saving recommendation.  The Home Energy Calculator is free and will take less than 10 minutes to complete. Click Here to get started.

 There are all kinds of excuses for not saving energy at home.  If we all just did some simple things, we could be more efficient and lower our utility bills too.  Please visit to get your family educated and start saving energy for tomorrow.

Home Energy Library:

Click Here for lots of information and answers to your Home Energy Savings Questions!!

Appliance Calculators:

Learn more about how much energy each of your appliances are using annually by clicking here.

Fundamentals of Electricity:

If you would like to learn about the generation and delivery of electricity Click Here.

CFL Calculators:

Have you ever wondered if it would be worth switching to CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lights)? For more information on CFL Calculations click here.

Television Calculators:

It is interesting to see how much energy your Televisions use when they are in operation!! You can estimate the annual cost of your television viewing by clicking here.

Kids Korner:

Help to teach your children about their energy usage and safety by using these fun ideas! Click Here

Interactive Energy Home:

To view a fun interactive house showing energy usage room by room, click here to enter.