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Zero Lot Line Duplex Guide Lines

The following conditions must be met to be granted a Zero Lot Line Duplex in the Village of Chatham

1.     3 copies of a Tract Survey must be submitted to the Village of Chatham Plat Officer. This survey must show:

a.     The duplex structure is bisected by the lot line, and each dwelling unit is located exclusively on one lot, except for a party wall which is bisected by the lot line.

b.     Each one of these lots must have at least 35 feet of frontage and a minimum lot area of 5,000 sq.ft. in R-2 Duplex or 3500sq.ft in R-3 Multi-Family zoning districts.

c.      A Party Wall agreement or other appropriate Covenant, perpetual in duration and running with the land which provides for the perpetual maintenance of the party wall and reconstruction of the duplex structure in event of fire or casualty must be provided to and approved by the Plat Officer of the Village of Chatham.

d.     The duplex structure, and any subdivision of an existing lot into two lots, must not be otherwise prohibited by law or ordinance or by any existing subdivision covenant.

e.     The Tract Survey must include on its face the recording information for the Party Wall Agreement and other Covenants

f.       A lot can only be divided one time by a Party Wall Agreement.


2.     Once all conditions in section 1 are met and approved by the Village of Chatham Plat Officer, the Tract Survey with the Party Wall Agreement or other appropriate Covenant needs to be recorded with the Sangamon County Recorder of Deeds. Then one of the recorded copies shall be returned to the Village of Chatham Plat Officer.