DAY 2 – Tuesday, March 5th Severe Weather Preparedness Week in Illinois Emergency Preparedness Bulletin – Lightning

Here’s a shocker for you…Lightning strikes the United States approximately 25,000,000 times a year! Lightning is hotter than the surface or the Sun and can reach temperatures around 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit! While most lightning occurs in the summer, people can be struck at any time of the year. Lightning kills about 20 people in the United States each year, and hundreds more are severely injured.

Using the below link, you will gain access to Lightning Safety Toolkits, Brochures, Safety Bulletins, and Videos. The toolkits tab provides information about Lightning Safety at Outdoor Venues, Golf Facilities, Wilderness Areas, while Boating & Sailing, in the Community. Or if you are at the Beach. Take a moment to educate yourself and your family on Lightning Safety.

Have a Great Day and Be Safe.